The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is an interdisciplinary research center jointly sponsored by the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology; and the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science at Virginia Tech.


This is a partial list of the CHCI alumni and where they are working. Are you an alumni and not on this list? Please fill in the form provided here.

Name Title Company Graduation Date
Wendy Schafer, PhD General Dynamics 05/2004
Brandon Berry, Masters Systems Engineer General Dynamics 05/2004
Christian Allgood, Masters MITRE 06/2004
Jacob Somervell, PhD Assistant Professor University of Virginia Wise 06/2004
Cheryl Seals, PhD Assistant Professor Auburn University 07/2004
Tracy Lewis, PhD Associate Professor Radford University 07/2004
George Chin, PhD Scientist Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 09/2004
John Lucas, Masters MC Dean Inc 12/2004
Mir Farooq Ali, PhD Motorola 01/2005
Jason Snook, PhD Director of User Experience CapTech Consulting 05/2005
Jamie (Smith) Coram, Masters Sandia National Labs 05/2005
Yogita Bhardwaj, Masters Microsoft 05/2005
Christa Chewar, PhD Academy Professor US Military Academy (West Point) 07/2005
Jochen Rode, PhD Senior Researcher/Prjt Mgr SAP AG 07/2005
Qing Li, Masters Microsoft 09/2005
Miranda Capra, PhD Senior Human Factors Specialist Human Centric Technologies, Inc. 01/2006
Robert Capra, PhD Assistant Professor University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 02/2006
Cyril Montabert, Masters Consultant IBM 05/2006
Alain Fabian, Masters SWIFT 05/2006
Nicholas Polys, PhD Virginia Tech 06/2006
Glenn Fink, PhD Senior Research Scientist Pacific Northwest National Laboratories 07/2006
Lauren Shupp, Masters Usability Engineer IBM 08/2006
Robert Ball, PhD Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 08/2006
Assistant Professor, PhD University of Maryland Baltimore County Brown University 09/2006
Jian Chen, PhD Faculty University of Maryland, Baltimore County 10/2006
Kibum Kim, PhD Human Interaction Research Engineer Motorola 12/2006
Jamika Burge, PhD Postdoctoral Research Scholar The Pennsylvania State University 04/2007
Jai Godara, Masters Usability Consultant Perficient 05/2007
Kunmi Otitoju, Masters Information Architect/Usability Specialist ICF International 05/2007
Beth Yost, PhD Senior Human Factors Engineer MITRE 05/2007
Justin Belcher, Masters Senior Interaction Designer Google 05/2007
Miten Sampat, Masters Architect Feeva 05/2007
Ben Congleton, Masters Phd Student University of Michigan School of Information 05/2007
Brian Badillo, Masters Harmonia 05/2007
Pardha Pyla, PhD User Experience Lead for Bloomberg Professional Mobile Platf Bloomberg LP 12/2007
Seonho Kim, PhD Senior Researcher Korea Institute of Science and Technology 05/2008
Ajith Sowndararajan, Masters HP Research Labs 05/2008
Enid N. H. Montague, PhD Assistant Professor Anna Julia Cooper Fellow University of Wisconsin-Madison 05/2008
Andrew Ray, PhD Assistant Professor Radford University 05/2008
Mithilesh Kumar, Masters Software Engineer Cisco Systems 07/2008
Sarah Peck, Masters Usability Engineer IBM/Raleigh 07/2008
Ajith Sowndararajan, Masters Software Engineer Cisco Systems 07/2008
Chadwick Wingrave, PhD University of Central Florida 08/2008
Scott Turner, PhD Assistant Professor Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, UNC at Pembroke 08/2009
Chet Rosson, MS Senior Technical Consultant Blackbaud, Inc. 05/2010
Hussein Ahmed, PhD Engineering Manager VTLS 05/2010
Jason Chong Lee, PhD UX Designer Meridium 05/2010
Yi Wang, PhD Senior Graphics Software Engineer Intel 05/2010
Shahtab Wahid, PhD Interaction Designer Bloomberg 01/2011
Uma Murthy, PhD Software Development Engineer 01/2011
Regis Kopper, PhD Director, Duke Immersive Virtual Environment Duke University 05/2011
Laurian vega, PhD Senior User Experience Engineer Next Century Corporation 05/2011
Tao Ni, PhD Microstrategy 08/2011
Ryan McMahan, PhD Assistant Professor University of Texas, Dallas 01/2012
Shaimaa Lazem, PhD Researcher City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications, 05/2012
Eric Ragan, PhD Visual Analytics Research Scientist Oak Ridge National Laboratory 05/2013
Cheryl Stinson, Masters Developer Precision Nutrition 05/2013
Yasmine ElGlaly, PhD Assistant Professor PortSaid University 05/2013
Ji-Sun Kim, PhD Project Associate at CGIT Virginia Tech 05/2013
Stacy Branham, PhD Lecturer University of Maryland Baltimore County 02/2014
Promita Chakraborty, PhD Research Associate Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 03/2014
Sruthi Ganesan Iyer, Masters UX Designer Meridium Inc 05/2014

Fluid 960 Grid System, created by Stephen Bau, based on the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith. Released under the GPL / MIT Licenses.